What we offer

The Octant Development Centre

Provides meaningful insight into a leader’s capability and behaviour. This fresh perspective is formed through the use of 360 degree feedback, psychometric tools, simulation exercises, verbal and numeric tests as well as the option of health and wellbeing assessments. These unique tools then shape development plans that span far beyond the program itself. The work of The Development Centre is synchronised with that of the Octant Leadership Centre and the coaching that takes place during and after the program to create lasting solutions for participants. Collated in an Individual Development Plan, coaches will provide personalised feedback to each participant. These meaningful insights or ‘The Mirror’ are critical to creating the shifts needed to motivate change. Using the findings of The Development Centre, the highly tailored Leadership Centre then goes to work on the identified competency gaps.

The Octant Leadership Centre

Is a powerful experiential learning program for senior executives that is grounded in real-world effectiveness and proven adult learning principles. Each unique program aims to deeply challenge individuals to allow for monumental personal transformation. To make this change, leaders are:

  • Exposed to inspirational and compelling content as well as an ever-growing body of knowledge on leadership and management
  • Immersed in collaborative and emotionally challenging and engaging learning experiences including projects and self-discovery exercises
  • Provided with insightful feedback from diagnostics, coaches, peers and faculty.

The Human Resources Leadership Development Programs

Provide a platform for meaningful and enduring engagement with HR Directors and emerging leaders in the field of HR. Driving this engagement are:

  • A series of offerings that focus on building productive relationships between HR Directors, their CEOs and line managers
  • A development program for senior strategic HR Managers with best in-class coaching and content, building them towards being HR Directors
  • Events that address current topics in HR.

Octant Coaches and Mentors

Are selected based on their expansive experience as a senior executive and/or executive coach. They play a critical role in successfully embedding a leader’s learning and performance. This is achieved by:

  • Creating an engaging learning experience
  • Driving individuals to high performance through insightful challenges
  • Fostering and managing the emotional journey of all participants
  • Providing support and encouragement to ensure the program’s success.

Octant Community

As a not-for-profit organisation the Octant Foundation aims to invest in a corporate social responsibility position consistent with our purpose. The Octant Community drives a social dividend by allocating a portion of its yearly surplus to charitable works. The focus of Octant’s charity work will focus on: Youth Leadership, Indigenous Leadership and Disadvantaged Communities Leadership.